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In June 2021 SGT Health and Fitness decided to launch a new gym & fitness centre which  focuses on peoples fitness primarily in a small group environment thus providing great opportunities and benefits. 

Our studio is equipped with excellent facilities including first-rate equipment, as well as outdoor spaces which are used within the summer months for additional group activities.

We take pride in providing excellent services to our customers and are driven by the following values:  

Empowerment - We want you to receive what you pay for. Not only will you get to use our facilities but you will be shown how to use our facilities effectively, whilst receiving advice you need to attain you desired goals.

Good Membership Terms – We enjoy providing a membership that has no hidden fees, no strings attached, and no clauses tying you down to monthly payments. You can also freeze your membership at any time, or cancel your membership.

The Right Environment – Small groups provide an environment that helps build community and a sense of belonging. We believe that this helps everyone feel more confident and motivated when entering a fitness facility and pushes you towards your desired goals and fitness journey.

Our main goal at SGT Health & Fitness is to provide a premium coaching service, whilst also helping you save up to 75% off the average gym membership. 


We are located at the beautiful Rise Bridge Farm. Come and visit us today to start your journey towards your fitness goals!


Expert coaching and guidance, low costs, better results 

What is small group training?

Our members usually describe SGT as a ‘shared personal training session’. You reap all the benefits of a 1-2-1 personal training session, such as time with an expert coach, advice on all types of exercise, coaching on technique and programmed workouts. All of this in a social environment where you can motivate each other to excel in the workout.

Full body functional strength training

The value of small group training comes from the quality of 1-2-1 time with a coach

you receive in a class environment for a low cost.

Every class is kept to a maximum of 6 people to help maintain this and guarantee

you get the most out of every session.

The focus of this class is to offer anyone who has a limited amount of time to exercise an opportunity to target every aspect of training in one session. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Whatever the workout is the coach will adapt

exercises to work around any injuries or to lower the intensity.

Included within SGT full body

- functional strength training     classes

- Full body HIIT / Circuits


- Strength training

- Cardio & Conditioning

- Mobility work

- In-depth coaching on technique for all lifts

- Daily fitness challenges

- Goal setting

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Our services

SGT Training

- Small Group Training is an excellent way to start your fitness journey.

- A group session of up to 2 / 8 people.

- Stay motivated by training with others who have similar goals and interest

- At a low cost with all the benefits of a 1-2-1 personal training session.

Duration – 1 Hour

Family SGT training / Private SGT classes

- Private off timetable classes

- Organised by your family / group of friends with the coach

- Whatever time suits you best

- All the benefits of the normal SGT class

- Flexible room capacity

Duration - 45 Minutes

Private 1-2-1 session’s

- Sessions completely tailored to you and your goals

- Perfect for any levels of fitness

- Specific goals and guidance set by your coach

- Follow a training programme designed for you

Duration - 1 Hour


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